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From June 2015 to October 2015, I was a digital Marketing intern with Homestart Majik. My main responsibilities and outputs comprised

  • Content creation. This included optimized blogs for SEO purposes, and infographics.
  • Social media marketing. The audience across social grew with a 16% growth on the established channels of Facebook and Twitter. This increase along with the adoption and implementation of other key platforms was aided with tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer.
  • Outreach to local influencers in the form of guest blogs.
  • Email Marketing. This included the implementation of automation processes such as welcome messages with the most appropriate email service provider.
  • Market research and Digital strategy
  • Training and instruction for staff.


“Bill listened to what we had to say, then researched what would work and came back with a plan for agreement before implementing the agreed plan. He researched the topic fully and managed to understand the complexities of the charity quickly. He was able to make valid suggestions that were very well thought out taking into consideration not only the market place but the degree of confidentiality that was required. Once implemented staff were given full training and ongoing support which was very valuable and essential.

Bill had to work effectively with several other partners to effectively integrate all the systems together.”

Dee Hancock, Senior Co-ordinator Homestart Majik