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Hedonic Marketing


As part of my dissertation, I studied and researched the consumer psychology behind Buzzfeed’s content marketing. It was a journey that yielded some surprising and not so surprising results. Continue reading “Hedonic Marketing”

What I learned working 80 hours a week


Over the course of the summer and into autumn, I had the very challenging task of engaging with 2 ‘full time’ commitments. Continue reading “What I learned working 80 hours a week”

What is the best source of traffic?


What is the best source of traffic?

This is a topical question, with many varying opinions and thoughts. One ‘expert’s’ response may be different to the next ‘guru’ and with this bloated market of opinions coming in left, right and center it can be hard to find the thing we all want; the truth. Continue reading “What is the best source of traffic?”

The Good Vs the Great


What is the difference between the good and the great? What separated Michael Jordan from everybody else? Why have either Ronaldo or Messi been World Player of the Year together for the past 7 years running?( and breaking every goal scoring record between them ). Why back in the day was Tiger Woods streets above everybody else? What made Muhammad Ali the greatest? Continue reading “The Good Vs the Great”

Why Digital Marketing


As this is The Gaelic Marketer’s first blog, I decided to post about why digital marketing is the way to go. Continue reading “Why Digital Marketing”

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