Is your agency looking for a hungry individual with international experience in Digital Marketing? Someone that will work to the bone without taking themselves too seriously?

If so, I may be of assistance.

My Name is Bill Gaule



I am from Ireland with an MSc in Digital Marketing from Robert Gordon University. With the course and my own professional experience elsewhere, I have over a year’s experience in Digital. I am seeking an internship and ideally with your agency!

Why me?

  • I am eligible for the Internship USA Visa. I do not require sponsorship.
  • I have experience in Digital Marketing.
  • I am crazily hungry to learn.
  • I think outside the box. For example Advertising myself over Facebook.


Unfortunately when I send out resumes it typically goes into a black hole and never to be seen again. So if you think there is a space for someone like me, I would love to hear from you!

You can email me at billgaule@gmail.com or get me on my Linkedin Page.

Either way thank you so much for clicking through and who knows we may work together! 🙂 Here is my resume if you need some more info!